The Wymore Fire Department was organized ten years after the town of Wymore was established. On May 1, 1981, a meeting was held with C.S. Seymour elected Chief of the department. At that time, the first fire hall was a wooden building, which had been a livery stable in earlier years. When the first fire hall burned to the ground in the early 1900's the departmet moved to what was left of the old Wymore Opera House building.

In 1964, the department got into the emergency rescue business. They also started working towards a new fire station. By 1970, firemen had a total of $45,000 and decided to construct a fire hall. Work continued through 1972 on the new fire station. Firemen moved their equipment into the new station in January 1972.

Currently, the department has 2 pumper trucks, a 1,800 gallon tanker, 2 4-wheel drive grass rigs, and one equipment truck. The department currently has 30 members with 15 member EMT's.

Active members of the Fire and Rescue are:

Executive Board
Chief:  Jim Decker Assistant Chief:  Mark Meints
President: Bruce Campbell Secretary/Treasurer:  Lori Wolf
Other Members:  Chuck Buess, Bruce Campbell, Jim Decker, Justin Garman, Dan Hawkins, Trevor Kujath, Joe Lenk, Collin Meints, Mark Meints, Tammy Meints, Donnie Meyer, Brady Meyer, Gordon Michaelis, Dave Penner, Harold Seachord, Jesse Smith, Carol Tebbutt, Jeremy Thomas, Lori Wolfe

Anyone interested in becoming a member of this volunteer department, can contact any member for an application or by emailing the departmnet at